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If a loan is not a financially feasible option for you, there are some grants and even tax deductions that can make the purchase of a walk-in tub less of a financial pressure. Grants offered through Medicaid and associated programs differ by area, so make certain to learn if your state or county uses any help for senior citizens who are trying to make their homes more secure.

This service warranty consists of labor and has couple of, if any, exceptions. This outstanding warranty can help you keep costs low in time and offers you comfort that you will have the ability to enjoy your tub for many years to come. With Spirit, if your tub has a problem, the company will work directly with you to solve it in a prompt manner.

Hydro Dimensions, an innovator in the walk-in tub industry considering that the early 1990s, uses sixteen different walk-in tubs in two various product lines: the HD Series Line and the Specialized Line. We've reviewed a tub from each line so that you can get an idea of what's offered. In basic, the tubs in the specialty line are bigger than typical or are constructed for those with limited movement.

There are six unique levels of jet upgrades plus some add-on functions like lights and heaters. Even with upgrades, Hydro Dimensions tubs stay in the mid-range of walk-in tub prices. Hydro Dimensions truly brings value to the walk-in tub market and makes excellent treatment alternatives accessible for those who do not wish to endeavor into the greater end of walk-in tub prices.

Tub plus installation: $8,000-$12,000. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Lifetime Service Warranty Life Time Guarantee Yes Yes Handheld showerChrome faucet setGelcoat fiberglass shellRight or left hinged doors Both of these models provide six levels of enhancement for an added cost. Offered Improvement Levels: 5 water jets, automatic purge cycle, electronic control panel20 air jets, electronic control panelA mix of the first 2 packagesFirst hydro massage bundle plus 10 additional jets and a water level security sensorDual massage plan plus 10 extra water jets Releases microbubbles for treatment and relaxation Together with improvement choices, buyers might likewise include the following additional features for a lot more customizability and comfort: Bonus get barsHeated backrestSafe-T drain for quicker draining timesUV sanitationOzone sanitationAromatherapyChromatherapyHeadrestsCurtainsWall kits Shower slide barsCustom color matching Note that every add-on function might not be available for every single tub design.

Hydro Dimension's wall sets are "tested" from natural stone however are mainly consisted of a crafted material that is cheaper than purchasing a real slab of stone. The readily available colors are standard white, Botticino Cream, Breccia Paradiso, and Mocha Travertine. The last two colors are both marbled browns. Tub prices from Hydro Dimensions is entirely dependant on which features the customer selects.

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The company also does not ever offer directly to clients. Instead, customers purchase from authorized Hydro Dimensions Dealers. To begin your purchase process, you can call Hydro Dimensions directly. Over the phone, a customer support representative can walk you through alternatives and give you an idea of the cost variety you're taking a look at.

Representatives from Hydro Dimensions notified us that a tub with some fundamental additional features typically will run in between $5,000-$8,000 prior to setup. Hydro Dimensions never ever offers tubs without a setup package. Setup of Hydro Dimensions tubs is always dealt with by Hydro Dimensions' experienced, expert dealerships. For a tub plus setup, the homeowner can expect to invest in between $8,000 and $12,000 at minimum, and the number could be greater if the tub is packed with extra functions.

If you require help spending for your walk-in tub project, there are choices for help, such as grants. Some choices that might be utilized to reduce the burden of spending for a walk-in tub consist of regional Medicaid program grants, a grant from Veterans Affairs (such as the HISA grant, though it may just apply in minimal cases), or perhaps a Single Family Real Estate Repair Loans & Grants (offered through the United States Department of Agriculture and Rural Development).

In 2016, Hydro Dimensions increased the scope of its service warranty. It now offers a Lifetime Warranty for the initial buyer. Parts and labor are included for the first year, and after the very first year, the guarantee modifications to cover parts just. Surface acnes due to misuse, abuse, or "normal wear" are not thought about covered by the warranty.

If the exact same thing were to take place in the 2nd year or later on, however, you will either be billed for the Hydro Dimension dealership or staff member's labor when they replace the part for you, or else you will simply receive the part in the mail and need to schedule someone of your option to install the brand-new part at your cost.

All the designs provided by Hydro Dimensions are just named with four digit numbers (and letters), so you may find this fast guide valuable to figure out which other models may be good choices for your bathroom and requirements. All of the walk-in tubs in this line are pretty similar.

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If there's something unique about the tub we've kept in mind that, otherwise we have actually simply noted its dimensions. A walk-in tub smaller sized than standard for restrooms with limited space. It has a bi-fold inward swinging door. 45 x 26 x 39"The initial Hydro Dimensions walk-in tub model, this fits through doors and many standard tub areas.

51 x 28.25 x 41": 47 3/4 x 29 x 38 1/2: 51 1/2 x 29 3/4 x 40 A tub designed for wall-to-wall installation. 54" x 29" x 38. One of the longest tubs that Hydro Dimensions uses. 60 x 30 x 37.25"Not technically a walk-in tub considering that it is low to the ground and requires reclining, which is not as safe as a real walk-in tub design.

A small, cube-like tub with 3 ended up sides so that the tub can be installed almost anywhere. 37 1/4 x 31 1/2 x 38 1/2. A tub with a low height that can accommodate a challenging restroom window positioning. 53" x 31" x 35". A tub that's best for new construction (probably will not fit through finished doors).

All of the tubs in this line are created for special needs. A slide-in model, with an external swinging door that's extra wide and makes getting to the seat simple. The W in the name stands for wheelchair available. The company states this model is a leading seller. This model is nearly the very same as the 3052W other than it's roughly 2" larger than that model.

The company states this design is perfect for those over six feet tall. a version of the 3155D that's about 5" longer than that model. This design features the very same 39" of soaking depth that's ideal for high bathers. With over 140 years of industry experience, mergers, and growth, American Standard is a leader in the world of bathroom and cooking area components. Slide-In Walk-In Tub 32" x 52" x 40" 37.5" x 48" x 28 Gelcoat Acrylic Outward Swinging Inward Swinging Anti-slip floor, get bars Anti-slip floor, grab bars $6185 pre-installation $9645 pre-installation No Yes No Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes (optional) Yes (optional) Limited Service warranty or Lifetime Service Warranty Limited Warranty or Lifetime Warranty Yes Yes Both tubs function: Quick Drain technology (relies on a pump rather pipeline sizes) ADA certified seat (17" high) Handheld shower The Soaking Tub Standard Functions: Gelcoat shellOutward swinging doorQuick drain pump The Massage Walk-In Tub Basic Features: Acrylic shellHydrotherapy (13 jets) Air medical spa system (26 jets) Inline heating systems for jetting systemsAutomatic purge cycle Self-cleaning sanitation Cushioned neck rest Both designs include: In both tubs, an optional chrome slide bar for the handheld shower is readily available for an additional $133.

The Soaking Walk-In Tub can be more equipped with a cushioned neck rest for an extra $54. This function comes standard in the Massage Walk-In Tub. Tub and upgrade rates are easily offered on the American Requirement website, in display rooms, and through other sellers such as Lowes and The House Depot.

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Presently, on American Standard's own site the most costly walk-in tub (pre-installation) is $11,410 and its least expensive is $4,845. In some cases, a similar American Standard tub from a third party can be a couple of thousand dollars more affordable. The drawback to buying from another seller is that you'll need to find your own installer and the warranty will cover less.

An online form on American Requirement's site can be utilized to set up an at home visit from an American Standard Safety Specialist. American Basic deals funding to certified people who pick to have their walk-in tub set up by the business. Security experts can supply information on funding during an in-home go to.

In most cases, when a business uses funding, they will wish to see that the one who's getting the loan owns the house. Seniors who aren't sure about funding through the business can likewise check out getting grants or loans through other locations such as through local Medicaid programs or through an FHA Title 1 loan, which is a loan particularly designed for house improvement tasks.

American Standard provides 2 unique walk-in tub service warranties. If you decide to have one of American Requirement's factory trained experts install your tub, then your tub will have a total lifetime guarantee that consists of setup and labor. This is one of the very best guarantees offered of all of the companies we examined.

In this case, the protection for acrylic tubs is better than the coverage for high-gloss gelcoat tubs. 15 years ten years Life time ten years 5 years Life time Because American basic lists over 200 different model numbers on their website, it can be tough to locate the design that you need.

These shapes don't have distinct names, however are noted by their measurements, the item line( s) they are made in, the way that the door swings, and the kind of therapy included. One tub offered by American Standard has extremely square lines and an inward swinging door. It comes in the Gelcoat Premium Series, The Entry Series, and the Acrylic High-end Series.

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We can refer to it as the "basic tub." There's a tub that's really comparable to the requirement, other than that it has a curved door opening. The door swings inward. It is available in both the Gelcoat Premium and Value series and can be found in 2 sizes: 30" x 52" and 30" x 60".

There's also a walk-in tub model that comes with an outward swinging door that is shaped like 2 actions in a staircase. This model is what would generally be called a slide-in, transfer, or wheelchair accessible tub. It can be found in both the Gelcoat Premium and Value series. It's sizes are 3052 and 3252.

A little family-owned company, Independent Home only makes walk-in tubs. All of its resources are concentrated on supplying you with the best of this industry specific niche. The variety of models Independent Home carries isn't overwhelmingly big, yet it manages to have alternatives for several body types and capabilities, in addition to for numerous various house space requirements.